She couldn’t be wait and show patience….

Crazy, its been nearly 10 years since my ex-wife left.  All over the fact I couldn’t and wouldn’t go get her McDonald’s.  Crazy what some females will do for fast food, lol.  I literally had a check for $110,000 in my hands and the 2 years of sacrifice would pay off.  She just couldn’t wait and wrecked it all then let some other dude knock her up inside of 6 months after leaving me, just WOW, lol.   Just no words…  lol

However, found out after the divorce she had been married before, so in the eyes of God, I guess our marriage was never sanctified and I remain single as I always have.  Its not my fault she lied to me.  But its what ever.  Sure it hurts, but I will live, and like a Phoenix I will be re-born out of the ashes of my life she shattered for no reason.  I am stronger, more powerful, smarter, wiser, and I have a HELL of a lot more money.

The time for retribution is at hand and the Lord WILL bring balance to the entire situation.   I have been able to hone a crazy degree of patients, building, planning, and putting all my pawns, rooks, knights, and everything else at my disposable in place.  When I make my move, it will be nothing short of shock and awe and assured victory.  An example will be made.  My legal team will SMASH anything thrown at it with as much as I’ve dumped into all 3 of them.