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On the DFS bot – It’s a great idea. I think you should make it and then present it rather than wait for people to ask for it. One proble though is that there are different DFS rules in different countries. But it doesn’t need to be that complex. The real problem is UNMS generates so many notifications that we have no way to filter important ones.

I think what would be “good enough” and have broad appeal would be a general SMS notifier where you can flag a wide variety of events that would trigger a notification. I can see it in my head already.

Notification type, SMS/email(s) to notify on the event.
Event types: Customer or network

Customer notification types
CPE Outage, Signal strength change (+/-X), Payment made, ticket opened, etc

DFS hit (AP name), network loss, ping failure(xms), device down, etc

Then an option to setup another ruleset.

Leave it at that vor V1. I guarantee you you’ll have a hundred people wanting it. And a 1000 requests for what you should add next of course. 🙂