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Kevin Freels

I applaud your vision, but you’ve taken on quite a few big projects here. Some of which are so ambitious I have to ask why? For example, most modern phone systems have plugins available that allow click-to dial on any web page there are numbers. And different people have different preferences for phones and phone management. So ideally what you would be better spending your time on would be just straight integrations.

With that in mind, What UNMS is missing more than anything is INVENTORY. But you don’t want to build a module. Different companies do different things and each has their preferences. All that’s really needed are connectors for UNMS. Zoho CRM to UISP, Zoho inventory, MS Teams integration, A chat widget…no… integrate something like zoho’s chat widget/crm/uisp. And I just say Zoho because a good percentage I know use it. But for each and every significantly used platform there needs to be a plugin. Since UCRM doesn’t separate “prospects” from leads or sales, I and many users use a separate CRM. But why do we have to type all that information into two systems? Why can’t we then click “Add CPE” and add something from our inventory software instead of rekeying that as well?

This is the kind of stuff that’s really needed and will turn heads. And the work of building a connector is much less than building an entire platform. 🙂