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      Need a bot that reads DFS Alert emails coming from UISP
      the middle man email server would read the emails for what AP too the DFS hit

      you legally need to wait 45 min to reboot a DFS hit

      so the bot would send a Slack and or google chat message saying “AP Name took a DFS Hit Rebooting in 45min”

      Then after the 45min wait, it would check if you already rebooted that AP in the last 45 min

      if a reboot was detected it would send a slack/google chat saying a reboot was detected auto-reboot canceled

      if no reboot detected after 45 min it would send a message saying it rebooted DFS Hit AP name Successfully

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      Got it, this one, I could have dumped out pretty quick. so here’s my only request. Get 10 other people to commend on these plugins over the next week, and I will dump out a platform to manage everything.

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      I can’t make that deal

      Just PM me pricing or I can find someone else


Viewing 2 reply threads
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