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      There was a Tower Coverage plugin for UCRM but the dev abandoned the project

      this is a simple plugin that works with the Tower Coverage APi
      (Tower Coverage told me the will setup a free test account for devs)

      What this will do

      Client Fills out Tower Coverage form on WISP Website

      The plugin automatically puts client details in UISP CRM as a “Lead”

      Would be awesome if you can have the APi also put the auto survey images in the image files for the lead client

      after that on the road map for this would be to make a nice looking Tower Coverage form plugun that works with Divi on WordPress

      the Tower Coverage form plugin by default if very ugly

      would like to see it look a lot more user friendly and have clients easily click their location on the map to correct any location errors from the address and then the APi would use the latitude-longitude from the map pin drop instead of the address

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      This should be quite easy actually. I will look into this one heavily.

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      This would be lovely – already have the tower coverage acct.


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      Well, we don’t want it too easy. So how about making that able to pull in any map?
      I gave up on tower coverage. Instead I just have people enter their address and I qualify them by looking at a map and knowing the terrain. My wild guesses are more accurate and customers are never misled by a map and whining that the “map says it should work”.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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