UISP Plugins

So, seems that the UISP ( formerly UNMS / uCRM ) has developed out enough with its plugin support and API that I figured I’d take a serious crack at putting out some high quality plugins.  Starting with the major short comings, internet and resale of VoIP, basic accounting, proper ticket center, and the kude gras, streaming TV made available for UISP users / Rural WISP’s to offer streaming TV services and even CONTROL THEIR OWN LOCAL AIR TIME FOR ADVERTISING!

If your interested in being on the list of those that get these plugins first, please email chief at seykora dot net  and I’ll add you to my email list for when I post release announcements. =)

PLEASE NOTE: UNMS has been renamed UISP by Ubuiqiti. Don’t ask us why, we thought it was fine the way it was.

Current Version: 1.0.0-beta-1

The Fusion Mobile UISP plugin extends your UISP server so you can resell 4G LTE mobile data circuits to subscribers along with 4G LTE router and hotspot devices.

Launch Features:

  • Create 4G Mobile Data Plans that show up in the client zone with complete data metering
  • Pay-As-you Go or quota Reseller Pricing structure
  • Simple SIM card / device activation
  • Provider Ability to select T-Mobile OR AT & T towers. No joke either


These features will be added in Version 2.x
  • Bring Your Own Device Support
  • Auto Switch between T-Mobile & AT & T tower
  • Dual Provider Single SIM On-Board Load Balancing & Failover
  • SIM Card Only Service
  • Custom SIM Card Designer for Branded SIM cards

Other Features

We are going to be adding as we move forward thru development which we are pre-coding the plugin for support but will not be included in the launch version or version 2 most likely, simply due to development time required are listed here.
  • IOT Project Management
  • Big Data Collection and Smart Network Support
  • Never Drop Service - Intergrate your clients home Ubquiti data service with a mobile device and a Fusion Mobile SIM, and the clients devices can go from home, out and about anywhere in the US and never lose data connection. The Never Drop mobile app keeps a constant sampling of the clients devices location and adjust data transport method accordingly.
Current Version: 1.0.0-beta-1

Launch Features:

  • Single Project Support
  • List, select, and display all phone numbers within a project
  • Display and Manage which phone numbers to work with in UISP
  • Display, Download, and Stream call recordings and setup phone numbers with voicemail
  • Display, Download, and view all SMS/MMS texting logs
  • Broad SIP Device Support & Management
  • 4G LTE SIM card support for full voice, text, and voicemail for field staff full traditional mobile service ( in future releases we will be using the SIM's to also come out with a fleet management section so your UISP instance can track exactly where your field staff are at all times. Including outgoing calls made off mobile SIM's displaying your companies primary number instead of field staff's mobile number being exposed avoiding annoying instances of clients / customers calling field staff instead of customer support )
  • Send & Receive SMS/MMS inside your UISP instance
  • Caller ID popups while logged into UISP
  • Configurable settings to control what resources are managed and controlled by UISP within your Twilio project


These features will be added in Version 2.x
  • Simple IVR Support to create and manage extensions ( voice only )
  • Resell 4G LTE Data services to end users
  • Resell "Traditional Mobile Phone service w/data", works just like big box mobile service
  • Full SIM Card Management including activation, suspension, and termination of SIM's
  • Resell VoIP over SIP to end users / clients
  • Customer Web Chat Support for front end website pre-sales and support chat
  • 2 Factory Authentication for UISP Client Zone and Staff logins
  • SMS / MMS and Automated Phone Client & Staff Notifications

Other Features

We are going to be adding as we move forward thru development which we are pre-coding the plugin for support but will not be included in the launch version or version 2 most likely, simply due to development time required are listed here.
  • Elastic SIP Trunking
  • Advanced IVR System to create and manage smart AI fully interactive communications system available across multiple channels including, voice ( traditional phone calling ), text ( SMS/MMS ), WhatsApp, Alexa Integration, and Google Assistant Integration ( the hey google home speakers you talk to )
  • Full Featured Call Center support. Allows setup and management of all calls, texts, voicemails, support tickets and allows for supervisory operations of support staff for communications management to present a full featured front end call center to clients without all the expense. Allows for setup of a physical call center, or remote work from home support agents.
  • Emili AI Virtual Support Agent support will allow you to set up and configure a very intuitive smart agent for complete engagement between the communications system, the UISP system and ALL its information to be able to provide account questions and answers for clients including billing information, radio and router information, system status information, and automated creation of support tickets based on conversations engaged with clients over multiple channels. There are several ways clients will be able to interact with Emili including a traditional phone call, text ( SMS/MMS ), web chat, Amazon Alexa Integration, Google Assistant Integration ( the hey google speakers you talk to ), and WhatsApp.
A complete re-work of the ticket system with in the UISP system. Including ticket aging, ticket aging alerts, mass ticket actions, and basic automated escalation filtering.

Most US rural WISP's do not require a whole lot of fancy accounting work. In 95% of cases, most WISP's, do all the same basic activies which are limited. They including tracking vendor and employee payments, buying equipment, paying taxes, and that's pretty much it. With that in mind I've built a simple Basic Accounting plugin that has the following basic features:

  • Vendor Management
  • Contractor Management
  • Staff Management
  • Bill Management
  • Reporting Center
  • Account Management
  • ACH Credit & Debit Functions
Hyper Vision Cloud TV is a UISP pluging specifically built for re-selling streaming On-Demand and Live TV services to end users.